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Title & Settlement Services in Louisa, VA

Every real estate transaction is different. So, if you are buying property in or around Louisa, VA, then you are going to need a title company. And not just any title company, but one that will get you smoothly from contract to closing. 


You need Northern Virginia Title & Escrow. 

Contact us today to get started. 


Services We Offer in Louisa, VA


We offer services to meet the needs of all types of real estate transactions and settlements, whether you are a buyer, a seller, an investor, a corporation, etc. We can successfully see you through the process. 


Our services include: 


  • Residential Settlements

  • Commercial Settlements

  • Mobile Settlements

  • Estate Sales

  • 1031 Exchanges


We provide thorough title searches so that you can feel confident you are buying a property without any title issues. But, just in case something slips by or appears later down the road, we provide title insurance, too.


The more complex the transaction, the more vital it is to have an experienced Louisa, VA title team on your side. At NVT&E, we have decades of experience to bring to the table on your behalf. 


Why Choose NVT&E?


At Northern Virginia Title & Escrow we provide white-glove title services to those in and around Virginia, Maryland and Washington D,C. - including Louisa, VA. We understand that real estate transactions can get stressful and downright overwhelming so we do what we can to ease the burden and make the experience a little more enjoyable. 

A little about us: 


  • Our real estate attorney has over 30 years of experience in the industry

  • Our office is comprised of title experts

  • We use the latest technology to provide you with a highly efficient service

  • We are communicative and responsive, letting you know what is going on at each step


Once you begin working with our team, you will see that we actually care about what we do - and it shows in the way we interact with you and how we handle your transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who chooses the title company in Louisa, VA? 

It is customary for the buyer to select the title company in Virginia and Washington, D.C.


Is title insurance required? 

No, owner’s title insurance is not always required, but it is recommended. It provides a layer of protection in case any title issues arise in the future. If you are taking out a mortgage, the lender may make purchasing a lender’s policy a condition of your loan. 


What are settlement services?

Settlement services are those services needed to get you through your closing efficiently and successfully. We facilitate the closing process, preparing and organizing documents for you to sign and seeing that money is transferred as it is specifically stated - and when it is appropriate.


City Sky


Trust the team at NVT&E to represent your clients with professionalism and integrity. Get in touch or order title with us today.

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