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Title & Settlement Services in Orange County, VA

Are you interested in purchasing commercial or residential property in Orange County, VA? Are you a seller looking to let go of your Orange County, VA real estate?


Regardless of what side of a real estate transaction you are on, you need a team of title experts to triumphantly see you through it. And that’s exactly what you will find at Northern Virginia Title & Escrow.

To learn more or to get started, contact us today.

Services We Provide in Orange County, VA

Some real estate transactions can be quick and easy. Others can be tricky and complex. But every transaction can be handled by NVT&E. Below are a few of the services we provide:

  • Residential Settlements

  • Commercial Settlements

  • Mobile Settlements

  • Estate Sales

  • 1031 Exchanges


You should know that our services include diligent title searches that ensure the property has a free and clear title - and title insurance just in case something shows up after ownership has changed hands. 


In other words, we make sure you have everything you need. We are your Orange County, VA title team.

Why Choose NVT&E?


If you are in the Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C. area and you are looking for superior, white-glove title services, look no further than the highly respected team at Northern Virginia Title & Escrow. After all, while you may be going through one real estate transaction, we handle many every single day. It’s what we do. And we've been doing it for decades.


Before you choose NVT&E, you will want to know a little bit about us, of course. Our real estate attorney has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry and our title team includes top-notch title experts. The best part is that we understand communication is key. We make ourselves available for our clients, every step of the way. We explain the process, answer questions, and address any concerns. 


At NVT&E, we also believe that an efficient, streamlined service is the best way to fulfill the needs of our clients. So, we invest in the technology and training to make it happen. 


Want to learn more about what we have to offer Orange County, VA? Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the buyer or seller choose the title company in Orange County, VA?

It is standard practice for the buyer to choose the title company throughout the State of Virginia. However, this can always be negotiated between the parties.

How long will I be covered by title insurance?

It depends on the policy. An owner’s title insurance policy is in place for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property. A lender’s title insurance policy is only in place until the loan is satisfied.

Is title insurance necessary for commercial property?

Title insurance isn’t required for commercial property - unless required by the lender. But it can be a wise investment, especially since these real estate transactions can be complex.

Does a lender’s policy protect the homeowner too?

No, a lender’s title insurance policy is designed to protect the lender only. An owner’s title insurance policy must be purchased if the owner wants protection, too.


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Trust the team at NVT&E to represent your clients with professionalism and integrity. Get in touch or order title with us today.

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